“Endless Evenings”

This piece was made for KFEST 2K19 Group exhibition. 30″ x 22″ Watercolour & Ink on Paper​The angle is a view from Laune View in Killorglin looking up the hill.  RL  […]

Killorglin Archive Photo Project

My latest project is based around archived photos of Killorglin, Co. Kerry. I did 10 pieces for a new Restaurant & Bar in Killorglin called ‘Kingdom 1795’ – I will have more images once they have been hung at the Restaurant. […]

Old market flea – 12th may 2019

I have decided to take part in another of Killarney’s Old Flea Market held at the Laurels in Killarney every month… This one is on Sunday the 12th of May from 12pm – 5pm xCheck out their Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/oldmarketfleakillarney/​​RL  […]

Grafitti & The Trainline

One of my visual obsessions has always been graffiti, having lived in London for a while you get very used to seeing it every day! My love for graffiti goes beyond the visual, I have the utmost respect for people that can do it, whether it be a persons signature tag or something more along the lines of an intricate mural. My own work is mainly painting with a variety of mediums and I have always tried to have my own take on graffiti in a more abstract sense. (See some images below). When I say m […]

Sense of Place

While having had an inspiring time away in Asia recently I have found myself to have had an influx of new ideas with many different avenues. Place and a sense of nostalgia have been a focal point in my work for a number of years and this hasn’t changed. some of the newer work I am doing at the moment will be based around these very same themes and ideas in a number of differing mediums. I am hoping to grasp a more rounded view with this next phase of work. watch this space 🙂 &#82 […]

Travels & Inspiration

On my recent travels around South East Asia I found some incredible inspiration when it comes to architecture and surroundings. The first stop was to Hong Hong, then onto Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and a brief stop in Bangkok. I am looking forward to getting some new work made with these wonderful places in mind with a possible exhibition later on in the year! ​RL  […]

Sunday 11th of November

I took part in my second market in Killarney and also my last one of the year. It went really well and I was just so excited to be involved again. Please see a few photos from the day and despite the terrible weather there was a lovely crowd throughout the day.​RL  […]

Old Market Flea Killarney

On Sunday 11th of November I will be setting up for my second Market in the Laurels Hall in Killarney. The last one on the 14th of October was great, I wasn’t sure how well it would go with regards to selling but I had a nice amount of interest and I am definitely looking forward to it on Sunday! I try to bring a variation of work with me but with a lot of my work being done on a bespoke basis for people it is almost hard to find time to do any extras.. hopefully all will go well at the wee […]


A large part of my work outside of the commissioned work is based on nostalgia, it has mostly been based around local buildings and creating a vibe and memory from an older time. I do my best to give an atmosphere to each piece to try give the viewer a sense of movement and life. Here are a couple of the recent ones. ​RL  […]