Rochelle Lucey

Rochelle Lucey

Fybough National School – Mural 2020

Artist in Schools Residency funded by the Kerry County Council – 2020

Close-up of one section of the school hall mural

This project was worked separately to the two class groups due to Covid-19 Restrictions. We decided to work on this wall as it is in the school hall where all the children and teachers can enjoy it. The left side of the Mural (image below) was based on a puzzle with all the separate pieces being filled with images that are an integral part of the local community and school along with the seasons and the School Crest. The scene on the other side of the wall (image above) is based on the view from the window of the school which the children loved and includes the beautiful scenery including the river and the mountains in the background.

Left hand side of the Mural in the school hall.

We worked on this project over an 8 week period, I worked in the school after the children had left and through various Zoom calls and short videos we were able to complete the project together. We all played a part in the creating of this piece.


Full Mural completed

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