Grafitti & The Trainline

One of my visual obsessions has always been graffiti, having lived in London for a while you get very used to seeing it every day! My love for graffiti goes beyond the visual, I have the utmost respect for people that can do it, whether it be a persons signature tag or something more along the lines of an intricate mural. My own work is mainly painting with a variety of mediums and I have always tried to have my own take on graffiti in a more abstract sense. (See some images below). When I say m […]

Sense of Place

While having had an inspiring time away in Asia recently I have found myself to have had an influx of new ideas with many different avenues. Place and a sense of nostalgia have been a focal point in my work for a number of years and this hasn’t changed. some of the newer work I am doing at the moment will be based around these very same themes and ideas in a number of differing mediums. I am hoping to grasp a more rounded view with this next phase of work. watch this space 🙂 &#82 […]