A Very Kerry Year

A Very Kerry Year This lovely poetry book is on sale just in time for Christmas, all profits will be donated to ‘Comfort for Chemo’. Caring for Kerry’s Cancer Patient’s. Jacinta Browne & Conor Browne wrote the beautiful poems, Dad & myself did the illustrations for the book and Darragh Kinch put it all together..Lovely […]

Small Studies

Worked on a large abstract piece this week, some of these smaller studies happened off the back of that piece. Such an enjoyable process.   RL Studio

Tokyo 2020

Congratulations to Aileen & Monika on their incredible journey to the Olympics in Tokyo this year. We are all so proud of them, I had the pleasure of painting these two pieces presented to them both on Saturday by FEXCO on their welcome return home. They are amazing inspiration for young women everywhere! RL

School Mural – Cullina National School 2021

We worked on a mural recently for the Outdoor Sensory space for Cullina National School recently, it is a beautiful space and I have a video of some of the process made by Tomas Straka on my Instagram & Facebook pages.

Fybough National School – Mural 2020

Artist in Schools Residency funded by the Kerry County Council – 2020 This project was worked separately to the two class groups due to Covid-19 Restrictions. We decided to work on this wall as it is in the school hall where all the children and teachers can enjoy it. The left side of the Mural […]

Spotlight on local business

I was lucky to have had a lovely write up on my business by the South Kerry Development on the link below, always such a supportive and helpful resource for starting out your own business. South Kerry Development Spotlight – Rochelle Lucey –  www.southkerry.ie/rochellespotlight/?fbclid=IwAR2jRA21BQRpHuohqbUmVZ3_l3_-jO9HGHfvI2Iz1vF_uLxv2uaXnljZHo8 […]

Abstract Art Jewellery

This a mash up of two of my favourites – Paintings & Jewellery – specifically earrings for the moment. I have found it very therapeutic to create in a different way during this lockdown. Inspired by the current work I am doing for an upcoming exhibition while also inspired by the paint palettes themselves that I use on a daily basis. Paintings presented in a different way! More to come… ​RL x […]


I have been using this time in lockdown to work on an exhibition of paintings that I have been thinking about for some time. The exhibition will be based around the concept  ‘Out of Service’ which is currently quite fitting in this current situation we have all found ourselves in. I have been keen on images of empty spaces with graffiti for a long time, it is a recurring visual that spikes my interest. It is also a visual we are now seeing a lot more of as things have been closed down […]